vSticky Toffee Pudding Recipe, Healthy, Light, Diet, Low, Recipes

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sod this being a winter pud, we want comfort in the summer too! I have long been a fan of sticky toffee pudding. Hot steamed and oozing with molten caramel sauce. It is one decadent treat that screams out comfort and indulgence. Of course this little number comes with a bit of a twist. Made with dates,… Read more »

Chicken Pate with Apple Jelly

VIDEO: Chicken Pate with Apple Jelly Recipe

This is a super speedy, simple recipe for Chicken Liver Pate on Kallo corn cakes. It makes a wonderful dish to serve as a canape, or starter. The Kallo cakes are a lighter toast alternative, and get a give the dish a good crunch Subscribe for more upcoming videos and simple recipes, and check out… Read more »

Daylesford Supper Club, Tess Ward, Farm Shop, London

Daylesford Supper Club

Just picture this…. a bright white space, beautifully laid tables decorated with wild flowers, artfully created food made with the freshest organic produce. Swilling cups of local, sparkling wine and strawberry puree, gentle chatter, the clinking of cups in celebration of a delicious meal. This might give you a bit of an idea of the sort… Read more »

French Toast with Cinnamon Sugar Recipe, Tess Ward

French Toast with Cinnamon Sugar

If ever there is the time to put the best breakfast dishes to the test, its the weekend. Behold my new favorite Sunday morning scoff. It is certainly the best of the brunch. *Pun certainly intended. Crunchy, eggy, sweet-cinnamon dusted French Toast. Thick cut bread, fried in salted butter and coated in the most deliciously… Read more »

VIDEO: Avocado and Lumpfish Roe Rice Cakes

VIDEO: Avocado and Lumpfish Roe Rice Cakes

This is a super speedy, simple recipe for Creamed Avocado and Lumpfish roe on Kallo rice cakes. Its makes a wonderful light dish to have with salad and picnic foods in summer, or alternately a great, between meals, healthy snack. It is light, yet filling, naturally gluten free and packed full of flavor, as well… Read more »

Red Cabbage Rice Salad with Cheese-crumbed Hazelnuts

Red Cabbage Rice Salad with Cheese-crumbed Hazelnuts

Have you had a hectic weekend and feeling like you want to be a little bit more healthy this week? Well…step away from the limp leafy greens and sad steamed kale, this is one exciting summery salad to get you saying YES CHEF to a bit of naked, unprocessed, healthful cooking. Nutty, fresh, zingy and filling,… Read more »

Fu Manch, London, Cocktails, Clapham

Whats hot in London: Fu Manchu, Clapham

Dim Sum? Check. Cocktails? Check. NIGHTCLUB?! Check… Not many places can offer all three services in one relatively small space. Fu Manchu however do just this. Set in one of the underground tube tunnel’s of Clapham, Fu Manchu is named after an infamous, criminal fictional character, known for his murderous plots… this alone had me interested… Read more »

VIDEO: Spinach, Egg and Mozzarella Pizza

VIDEO: Spinach, Egg and Mozzarella Pizza

This is the easiest homemade pizza recipe, made with white spelt flour, instead of wheat. Spelt is a more easily digested flour, but still contains gluten and gives the dough its elasticity. Homemade pizza is such a great dish to share with friends. It is always best eaten fresh when the crust is crisp from the… Read more »


Grey Goose: Is the bang worth the buck?

Ever find yourself wondering the shelves of your local off license, wondering what vodka to get? Maybe save a few pennies and go for a paint-stripper derivative, a medium range (re-distilled variety) or the creme de la creme (so pure it is practically medicinal sort). Being the most popular of the white spirits bought worldwide,… Read more »

London Eating: Scoffing down on Seychelles Street Food

Whats Hot in London: Authentic Seychelles Street Food

Sunday afternoon, the sun was shining as I headed to lunch at Vinn Goute (meaning ‘come and taste.’) The parks and pavements were packed with south London inhabiters, all making the most of the glorious weather, and the post-weekend jubilation seemed to hang in the heady, hot air. Just a few minutes walk from Clapham… Read more »

Sweet Potato and Fig Tart, Tess Ward, Healthy, Easy, Recipe

VIDEO: Easy Sweet Potato and Fig Tart

This recipe is a real summertime favourite. It is made with COMTE cheese, the best French gruyere, a mature, yet highly palatable cheese. The rich flavour works wonderfully in this tart with soft sweet potato and delicate figs. Its the perfect summery picnic dish, made with spelt pastry and a lighter creme fraiche filling. For the… Read more »

Chocolate and Coconut S'more Cookies

Chocolate and Coconut S’more Cookies

If there is a time to go big or go home, its for the 4th of July weekend. Comfort food, friends and sunshine is practically compulsory. Certainly in this case it is a bit of an all or nothing and what better way to go to food coma town than with utterly decadent, door-stopper sized, s’more… Read more »