Lunch at Bistrot by Shot, Parsons Green

Lunch at Bistrot by Shot, Parsons Green

West London has a real shortage of decent eateries. The majority that dominate are kebab shops and mediocre local hubs, mostly pubs. For many of them food is secondary and rather uninspired on all counts. Last week when perusing my inbox of new openings, I found too my delight, one with great promise. A cat amongst the pidgins…. Read more »

6-Ingredient, Easy Breakfast Muffins . Tess Ward, Healthy,  Baking, Recipe, Banana, Bread, Cake

7-Ingredient, Easy Vegan Breakfast Muffins

What do you do when you run out of eggs when baking? Well, make vegan muffins or course. For speed, simplicity and weekday breakfast ease, this muffins hit the nail on the head every time. Bonus for the fact that they don’t require popping to the shop for forgotten ingredients. They are made solely of… Read more »

A Mark Hix Masterclass. Not for vegetarians , Tess Ward, Mark Hix, Chef, Food, Writer

A Mark Hix Masterclass. Not for vegetarians

There is nothing like a bit of meat carving in a Mark Hix masterclass to kick off evening of birthday fun. Part two of the festivities carried on in Browns hotel, where my wonderful friend Bella and I went to brush up in our carving technique. A few glasses of bubbles, amazing food and a… Read more »

Birthday Brunching at Hally's, Parsons Green, cafe, review, best, brunch, eggs, tess, ward, candle, cake, healthy, good, food, recipe

Birthday Brunching at Hally’s, Parsons Green

There is nothing like a family brunch to kick off a great birthday and where better then my favourite local spot. Hally’s is a charming little californian-inspired cafe in Parsons Green. A simple and unassuming place, with a real reputation for outstanding breakfast dishes. From ricotta pancakes, to eggs benedict, they stick to the classics. It is… Read more »

Spring Beauty Staples, tess ward, chef, food, writer, beauty, healthy, recipes, wellness, cookbook, juices, smoothie

Spring Beauty Staples

With spring on our doorstep, what better time for a beauty cupboard overhaul?! Ok, admittedly the season has only half heartedly sprung, (my woollens and knits are still very much more appealing then ballet flats and anything marginally flesh revealing,) but certainly now is the time to revamp any under loved beauty drawer with a bit of NPLC (new product… Read more »

Blueberry, Manchego and Dill Tartines, tess Ward, Toast, Sandwich, packed lunch, recipe

Blueberry, Manchego and Dill Tartines

A speedy lunch time snack, or a breakfast nibble. These tartines hit the nail on the head for anytime of day. I remember being at school when the filling of your sandwich (and in fact the entire contents of your lunchbox) said more about you then you the clothes you wore. It showed the playground how… Read more »

The Sanctuary Spa Souffle and Sorbet Demo

The Sanctuary Spa Souffle and Sorbet Press Launch

Being a big fan of the Sanctuary Spa brand, I was honoured and hugely excited when asked to be the face of their new range of products. The souffle and sorbet ranges. Two wonderful new collections of products, unveiled just in time for a little bit of springtime pampering. The big unveiling of their two new… Read more »

The BEST of the brunch at Pizza East, Notting Hill

The BEST of the brunch at Pizza East, Notting Hill

Damn Notting Hill for hoarding all the best breakfast spots. They are abundant with them. Granger and Co, Good and Wright…. I have a whole host of them to recommend and this might just be the best of the brunch. Sorry, I meant bunch. Who knows whether it is Hugh Grant, or the swanky neighbours of the area… Read more »

Itsu-style, Crab and Scallop Sushi Bowl , Easy, Recipe, Japanese

Itsu-style, Crab and Scallop Sushi Bowl

In a city like London, there is no shortage of sushi to tempt any wasabi-loving foodie. However sushi isn’t cheap to have on the regular. Well certainly not if you have it as often as I do and there is the assumption that it is hard to make… This is where my speedy, easy little sushi… Read more »

London Eating: Hair of the dog at Bob Bob Ricard, Tess Ward, Chef, Writer, Review, Best, Food, Soho

London Eating: Hair of the dog at Bob Bob Ricard

If ever you are plagued with a hangover bad enough to you feel like the end of the world is looming, or that you’d rather drop through a manhole cover, or endure an afternoon of Jeremy Kyle than put up with another hour of the pickled kidney head banging, then the answer for you my friend is… Read more »

Mother's Day Out : Guy Bourdin Image Maker, Tess Ward, Fashion, Photography,

Guy Bourdin Image Maker at Somerset House (last day)

If you are looking for something to do in London for mother’s day, (besides making mum breakfast in bed) and of course spoiling her with these AMAZING raw chocolate and raspberry fudge bars, that I just can’t get enough of, then I have just the place in mind… There is nothing like catching an exhibit on its… Read more »

Waffles with Chicken Liver Pâté and Sage Chips

Easy Waffles with Chicken Liver Pâté and Sage Chips

In the mood for a decadent mid-week supper? I have just the trick. No need to leave the house, we have got the gourmet covered! If you have ever been to Duck and Waffle in London, you will know that some of the tastiest dishes come in waffle form. This is a something that may… Read more »