Travel Essentials 101   - Tess Ward Chef and Food Writer

Travel Essentials 101

Packing for a holiday is usually it is a haphazard nightmare the day before I leave, with me cramming any and everything in to my case with the best intentions for their use. This year however I made my resolution (to get more organised) early and made a list. If like me you have the… Read more »

Pancetta and Magic Mushroom Ragout and Tahini Mash

Pancetta and Magic Mushroom Ragout and Tahini Mash

Meaty mushrooms and crispy smoked bacon, is there anything better? This dish initially was intended as a vegetarian, ‘you don’t need meat for Christmas’ dish (mushroom ragout really doesn’t need it. It is creamy, garlicy and meaty in texture), but after acquiring a thick slab of pancetta from my local market a few weeks ago nothing… Read more »

Skating and Fondue at Somerset House Tess Ward

Skating and Fondue at Somerset House

Not feeling festive yet? Then this is most certainly a post for you. This time of year, there is few places more christmassy than the Fortnum & Mason rooms at Somerset House. Inside the building each and every room is filled with some sort of delight. There is a room for women’s gifts, a room for mens… Read more »

Tess Ward's Naked Festive Feast Supperclub

My Naked Festive Feast Supperclub

Last night  I hosted my Naked Festive Feast at the Garrison on Bermondsey St. A supper club dinner to celebrate some of my favourite festive dishes and to showcase a few sample recipes from my cookbook. The night went down a storm. Such a fab mix of friends, foodies, health enthusiasts and cooking students all came,… Read more »

Cardamom and Coconut Breakfast Cake Tess Ward Chef and Food Wriiter Healthy dairy Free Yummy Recipe

Cardamom and Coconut Breakfast Cake

Like the french, I am a sucker for sweet things at breakfast time. Only on the weekend when breakfast turns in to brunch will the eggs come out, but 8am on a cold winters morning, not so much. I think it might have the been the builders I used to pass on my way to school…. Read more »

Ironing out the kinks at Akasha Spa, Picadilly

Ironing out the kinks at Akasha Spa, Picadilly

There is really no better time then mid week to run away from the world and have a moment of quiet. A little r+r does wonders for the stress levels, helps mental focus and gets your feeling pretty darn fantastic. On the weekends we are all too busy boozing and scoffing questionable office party canapes, trying to catch… Read more »

The garrison tess ward supper club

A Naked Christmas Feast, Tickets now available

Hello lovely foodies. I am offering 15% discount off the final two resale tickets to my amazing pop up festive feast supper event tonight. The festive meal is to celebrate healthful, delicious food this Christmas season with some of my favourite recipes from my book ‘The Naked Diet’ (which is being released next year) Menu… Read more »

Tess Ward Food Writer

Don’t criticise the critic

If you make something you enjoy a profession, you can be damn sure it is going to affect it. Just to be clear, I am not talking about cooking… my love affair with the stove top is still going strong. I am actually taking about my other (kind of fun) job writing about dating and… Read more »

Squash Dumplings with Candied Pecans and Sage Chips Tess Ward  Healthy  chef and food writer

Squash Dumplings with Candied Pecans and Sage Chips

Well that Christmas feeling has finally kicked in. All it took was a frosty mid morning walk down Regent Street awashed with black friday shoppers and I felt it. That overwhelming sense of simultaneous nostalgia and festive joyfulness, intermingled with a niggling annoyance (that any city dweller knows well when they try to part the crowds,… Read more »

London Eating: Goode and Wright, Notting Hill, tess Ward, Chef, Eat, Food writer, omelette, spinach

London Eating: Goode and Wright, Notting Hill

I can’t count the amount of times I have wondered up and down the Portobello road. Suffice to say it is a fair few, yet it was only the other day I spotted this place. Goode and Wright is one of those rather unimposing french bistro looking restaurants. Tucked down at the bottom of the road, all… Read more »