Vegan Raw Cacao and Blackberry Bircher

Bircher Muesli with Raw Cacao and Blackberry

The need for speed is often key in the morning. If you have the dilemma of no time to cook in the morning but are as much of an avid porridge fan as me, then bircher breakfast pots are the thing to try. Making them is simply a process of grating the apple, mixing it with… Read more »

Discover Health and Wellness with Canyon Ranch

Celebrity Cruises: Health, Wellness and Room Service

Recently Canyon Ranch, the renowned spa and wellness centre collaborated with Celebrity Cruises, bringing their unique treatments to the guests onboard. Between all the wining, dining and pavement stomping (on city excursions) it is exactly the place to while away a few hours with a good book in the Persian Garden, or to indulge in a little pamper therapy…. Read more »

Steak with Herbs and Chilli

The Best Date Night Steak with Herbs and Chilli

The last few months I have been lucky enough to be a contributor the food pages of Grazia live, reviewing London restaurants. Eating in some of the most amazing places with some truly incredible food. Unsurprisingly it is trying new foods that inspires me, in my recipe development the most. So I have made myself the promise that… Read more »

Exploring the Amalfi with Celebrity Cruises

Exploring the Amalfi with Celebrity Cruises

Just as I thought the summer was over, was getting ready to replace the bikini for the wooly knits, the delightful team at Celebrity Cruises with a joint effort from Great British Chefs had the genius idea of prolonging it with a little sea voyage. A full five days of decadent eating, wine tasting, luxurious… Read more »

Sicilian Hunters Rabbit Stew

Sicilian Hunter’s Rabbit Stew and Catania’s Fish Market

After a delightful trip to Taormina, we had sufficiently wetted out appetite for culture and decided on another day trip, in the opposite direction for a trip down to Catania (the capital of the region), for a highly recommended trip to the fish market. Like so many european costal towns, every morning all the local… Read more »

Sicily's Best: Ristorante L'Arco Dei Cappuccini, Taormina

Sicily’s Best: Ristorante L’Arco Dei Cappuccini, Taormina

Last week was the much awaited holiday of the summer with my dad and brother. Naturally we were headed southbound. This time following the tail of the sunshine all the way to Sicily, to a small town outside of Milo to be precise. High up on the mountain somewhere between Catania and Taormina, in a… Read more »

Blog Giveaway Tess Ward Healthy Food London Fashion Week

Blog Giveaway

It’s COMPETITION TIME…… So if you already follow me on social media, you will know that I am currently offering a super sonic healthy food blog giveaway… All you have to do is sign up to my newsletter, then Facebook or Instagram me your version of any of my recipes from the blog, with the hashtag #cookwithtess. Its honestly that… Read more »

The Essential Cooking Conversion Chart - Tess Ward Chef - US Cups to Grams

The Essential Cooking Conversion Chart

The Essential Conversion Chart: U.S. CUPS TO GRAMS In the US, UK and all over Europe we have different ways of measuring out our foods. To save you the hassle of owning very sort of device on the market, this is a handy breakdown, to simplify it a little. If there are any ingredients missing from… Read more »

Skinny Fast Fashion Week Recipes

Skinny Fast Fashion Week Recipes

As Im sure you know it is currently London Fashion Week. The time when bloggers, photographers, journalist and fashionistas all congregate together in a clashing colours, taxidermy, sequins and fur, hoping to get a wink of model cellulite and a car load of goodie bags. Having been an intermittent show goer all through my uni… Read more »

Octopus, Chickpea and Chilli Salad

Octopus, Chickpea and Chilli Salad

The beauty of buying pre-cooked deli foods, is that is takes so much of the faff out of cooking. These little nuggets of marinated octopus are the last of the goodies that needed using up from my recent little trip to Sicily. Bought from Gianni’s local delicatessen, a hop skip and a jump down the… Read more »