Chocolate and Coconut S'more Cookies

Chocolate and Coconut S’more Cookies

If there is a time to go big or go home, its for the 4th of July weekend. Comfort food, friends and sunshine is practically compulsory. Certainly in this case it is a bit of an all or nothing and what better way to go to food coma town than with utterly decadent, door-stopper sized, s’more… Read more »

Mulberry Ladies of Style and Substance: Behind the scenes

Mulberry Ladies of Style and Substance: Behind the scenes

If you are into food, like a good glass or two and are a fan of designer handbags then you would have loved the Mulberry lunch we catered for last month. A spring lunch for women of style and substance. In accordance to Mulberry and Paddle 8, the lunch was hosted by Mary Gaye Curzon… Read more »


Do we need a social media Detox

Social media is certainly the most predominant drug of the twenty first century. Perhaps not the kind that leaves you hanging round dark corners looking for your next fix, but it certainly has that addictive nature that means that we just can’t kick it. There’s practically a detox from every other thing we do, so what… Read more »

London Eating: Tapas at Southwark's Camino, Tess Ward, Review, London, Best

London Eating: Tapas at Camino, Southwark

There are certainly worse ways to spend a Friday then a quick whizz round Tate Modern followed by a scoff of tapas at Camino. Camino is nestled into the new development on Bankside, just a stone throw from the river. A convenient spot for any wondering tourists, Southwark residents, or any keen luncher, on the hunt for a good feeding…. Read more »

Flax and Pumpkin Carb Free Bread

Flax and Pumpkin Carb Free Bread

This recipe is a video from my cookbook, THE NAKED DIET, which you can order on AMAZON here This bread is made with mixture of flax seed and ground almonds. It is completely grain and carb free, thus perfect for anyone diabetic or trying to cut back on their sugar intake. It is undoubtedly at its best… Read more »

Healthy, Poached, Salmon, Grains Bowl Herb Yoghurt,  Easy, Delicious, Antioxidants

Poached Salmon and Grains Bowl with Herb Yoghurt

In need of a speedy weekday lunch and bored of the leafy salads? Well this might just be the dish for you. This bowl is a mixture of goodies, packed with mega omegas, slow realise carbs and vibrant greens. I like to eat it hot from the pan which the herby, fresh dressing melting onto… Read more »

Avocado Pesto Spaghetti, recipe, healthy, eat clean, easy

Avocado Pesto Spaghetti

This dish is the perfect way to use up over-ripe avocados. The sort that are past their best but remain just are green enough to warrant saving. It is also super fast and easy to make. This is also one of the recipes (possibly my favourite) that I am sharing this week in my Marie Claire Instagram… Read more »

Avocado boats with Pea, Feta & Mint

Avocado boats with Pea, Feta & Mint

This recipe is a preview from my cookbook, THE NAKED DIET which I filmed with Waitrose TV. This is one of the most simple and speedy dishes to make. It requires no cooking and just a bit of blending. You can make the pea puree ahead, pop an avocado in your bag for a perfect… Read more »

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My Life on a Plate: Pandora Sykes

Blogger, fashion writer and style commentator, Pandora Sykes is one of the most refreshing voices in fashion journalism. Having spent years working as an editor and in the wardrobes of many magazines, she recently landed the fashionistas dream job. As the Wardrobe Mistress for the Sunday Time Style. Through her blog and weekly style tips (in… Read more »

Power Porridge with Balsamic and Basil Strawberries

Power Porridge with Balsamic and Basil Strawberries

Need a breakfast that will have you springing out of bed in the morning? This might just be the thing… Protein packed, with slow release carbs and a delicious balsamic and basil compote to boot. I can almost guarantee this will make a porridge lover out of you, if you aren’t already. I have called… Read more »

Raw,  Frozen, Saffron, and Honey Cheesecake, Tess Ward, Healthy, Recipe, Cheesecake, Pudding

Raw Frozen Saffron and Honey Cheesecake

In celebration of The Naked Diet, hitting stores nationwide yesterday, I made a rather epic cheesecake (healthy of course) to signify this milestone. It is mad that the book was finished nearly a year ago. To have seen the transition from an abstract idea to print is an incredible thing. I am still humbled to have… Read more »