A Deliciously Ella Yoga Brunch Tess Ward

A Deliciously Ella Yoga Brunch

If there is one meal of the day i can manage as a vegan. One without the temptation of seared meats, drizzle of creme fraiche or sprinkling of chorizo bits, it is breakfast. In fact some of the best breakfast can be deliciously so. Apple’s slathered in nut butter with cacao nibs, raw energy chocolate balls, cold pressed juices… Read more »

Chai spiced Amaranth Porridge Tess Ward Healthy Chef and Food Writer London  Vegan Breakfast

Chai spiced Amaranth Porridge

If you are a regular Yes Chef reader, (I can’t help but laugh as I write that) you might have heard me mention about my rule of thumb to experiment with a new ingredient each week. I find it the best way to keep creativity flowing and make sure I don;t get stuck in a… Read more »

Feasting and Facials, Sto Moritz Cornwall Poached Eggs Salmon Healthy

Feasting and Facials, St Moritz Cornwall

The final day of the Cornwall winter adventure, on the St Moritz hotel’s Gourmet Trip, was pamper day. After a lot of walking, exploring and being blown around on the beaches we were in need of a bit of rest and relaxation, so spent our final day inside, leaving our wind whipped red faces in the… Read more »

Healthy and Delicious Recipe Caramelised Fennel and Dill Curd Salad Tess Ward Chef and Food Writer

Caramelised Fennel and Dill Curd Salad

We are nearly entering the festive season and I am already envisaging hot roast chestnuts and cracking walnuts by the fire. Tall mugs of homemade hot chocolate (possibly laced with a little brandy) and endless wheels of oozy brie, cold cut of honey roast ham and turkey and stuffing sandwiches. oooh ahhh It is all… Read more »

The garrison tess ward supper club

A Naked Christmas Feast, Tickets now available

Hello lovely foodies. I know this time of year might not be the most appealing time to get naked but I hope this festive dinner feast might just be able to show you just how good naked cooking can be. The festive meal is to celebrate healthful, delicious food this Christmas season with some of… Read more »

How to make a Sandwich, Tess Ward chef, rye bread, pastrami

How to make a Sandwich

Yesterday the daily London newspaper, Metro, published an full page spread on the subject… Flicking through, you might think it rather patronising that they would consider anyone unable to make a sandwich, but the fact that the British alone buy 1.69 billion pre-made sandwiches a year, they really might just have a fair point…. Here is a… Read more »

Krilling it at Rick Stein's, Padstow

Krilling it at Rick Stein’s, Padstow

Just across the bay from the St Moritz (in Rock) is Padstow. Home to some of the finest seafood establishments on the south coast, it is one of the quaintest and smallest costal towns I have ever been to. The town itself is tiny, consisting of little more that charming little cornershops selling homemade fudge,… Read more »

Saffron Fruit Loaf and Salted Honey Butter

Saffron Fruit Loaf and Salted Honey Butter

This loaf is honestly on of the easiest things to make… Even a total fruit loop could do it. Unlike most of my recipes, it does requires a little pre-planning. I tend to do it broken up in stages. The first part the night before and then finish it off the next morning to have with brunch. Its… Read more »

Tess Ward Cornwall, Fifteen, Jamie Oliver, Restaurant, Chef, Food Writer

St Moritz Gourmet Trip and Jamie’s Fifteen, Cornwall

Aside from my uni days in Leeds and the odd obligatory trip to the west country to visit relatives, I have never really explored much of the UK. For some reason I always thought mini trips were best spent abroad, chasing the sun and soaking up foreign culture. I had never taken a moment to explore the… Read more »

Whisky Blending at Bam Bou, Marylebone

Whisky Blending at Bam Bou, Marylebone

I am a big fan of any cultural activity involving either food or drink. You might ask why/ how it is a healthy foodie gets asked to a whisky blending. Well, my answer to you would be, ‘of course it is about balance’. I don’t want to outlive all my family and friends but hundreds of years (that would… Read more »