Yoga Brunch a la Francaise

Yoga Brunch a la Francaise

What could be better than a yogi brunch, with healthy french inspired dishes, to treat and tempt you to the mat for a wonderful Saturday practice?! Few people do brunch as well as the French. There is little to beat their cracking loaves of pain, their flakey pastries and wafer thin melty cheese crepes… which is… Read more »

Body-loving Chocolate and Raspberry Fudge Bars, Healthy, Delicious, Tess Ward, Recipe, Nutritious, Easy, Speedy

Body-loving Raw Chocolate and Raspberry Fudge Bars

I think we know the feeling of loving chocolate that doesn’t love us back. You know the melty, milky, sugar packed, craving inducing kind?! That sends us on a pleasure journey to the moon and back, only to have us come crashing down about half an hour later when blood sugar takes a nose dive into… Read more »

Lunch and a Polish at Masseria Torre Coccaro, Puglia Tess Ward

Lunch and a Polish at Masseria Torre Coccaro, Puglia

If you fancy something a little of the beaten track. I have just the place for you. Tucked outside of Fesano, in the picaresque hills of the Italian countryside is the Masseria Torre Coccaro guesthouse. Originally built for defence purposes, to defend the Malta Chevaliers from Saracen invasions, it serves today as an inviting home away from… Read more »

Pack your bags for Puglia, Chef, Food, Writer, Travel, Best, Italy, Tess Ward

Pack your bags for Puglia, Italy

There are few places in Europe that have a package as complete as Italy. Culture, beautiful art, oodles of ancient history and architecture, amazing fashion, unashamedly passionate (sometimes a little over keen) men and, of course, rather incredible food. Jacket: Whistles, Top: Boohoo, Janes: Asos, Earrings: I+I Jewellery, Bag: Meli Melo, Shoes: Russell and Bromley Thinking of… Read more »

Easy Cheesey Spring Green Polenta

Easy Cheesey Spring Green Polenta

This dish was intended as a meat free monday recipe, but I rather fell short with a fair few slices of wafer thin parma ham yesterday (I am currently in Italy, it is practically mandatory to eat burrata and ham) so I have post-phoned my one day a week as a veggie to tuesday. Who is to… Read more »

London Eating: Lunching like Cavewomen at Pure Taste (Paleo), Notting Hill Tess Ward

London Eating: Lunching like Cavewomen at Pure Taste (Paleo), Notting Hill

A couple of months ago Pure Taste, London’s first Paleo restaurant opened in Notting Hill. Unlike so many niche diets and restricted ways of eating, Paleo is one that I think makes sense (to a degree). The diet essentially focuses on foods that we would have eaten as cavemen, pre-agriculture, pre-processing and pre-Maccie d’s. It celebrates… Read more »

Courgette Pizza Boats with Chorizo and Chilli

Courgette Pizza Boats with Chorizo and Chilli

I am totally aware that putting the word pizza in the title of this means it has a lot to live upto… well i think these dinky courgettes are up to it! I am totally embracing the love for courgette at the moment. It really is a wonderfully versatile little veggie, but I do feel the… Read more »

Carob and Barberry Porridge Balls

Carob and Barberry Porridge Balls

You know the instant porridge pots that sit on the shelves in supermarkets. Well this recipe is inspired but them, but in another form. These balls are essentially pre-made porridge. A mix of oats, nut butter and all-natural coconut syrup combined in a super rich, absolutely delicious energy ball, which when added to a pan filled with a little… Read more »

Markets and Magic in Istanbul, Turkey

Markets and Magic and Where to eat in Istanbul, Turkey

As George Bernard Shaw said ‘there is no sincerer love then the love of food’. Finding myself in Istanbul, a city of many wonders…Bustling markets to explore, many mezze dishes, tipples and tempting treats to taste, I have to say (not for the first time) that I totally and utterly agreed with him! True the… Read more »

Turkey Travel: Culture and Cooking in Istanbul, Holiday, Destination, Tess Ward

Turkey Travel: Eating and Exploration of Istanbul

Arriving in a city at night is always such a treat. I love the buzz of a new place and like an impatient kid, I await in anticipation for the morning when the city exposes itself in daylight and shows itself in all its sun dappled glory. After a bit of travel and a warm hot bath, there… Read more »